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Common FAQ

1. How does TrustSpot work with Shopify? 

When an order is marked as fulfilled on your Shopify Store, TrustSpot will automatically email the customer asking for a shop review. You can customize the delay of this message, by going to Reviews > Automated Email. By default it is 7 days, since the majority of our customers ship products, and we want the customer to have the product before requesting a review. However, you're free to set the delay to anything you want to best work for your store. 

2. Is TrustSpot Free to use? 

Yes, when you install the Shopify app you are automatically added to our Free Plan. This allows you to use all the core features of TrustSpot for Free, with no obligation to upgrade. To learn more about what comes in the TrustSpot plan in addition to our premium plans, please view our pricing page

3. How do I login to TrustSpot after installing the Shopify App? 

TrustSpot will automatically email you a temporary password after installation. Simply go to > and click on "Login". Enter your shopify email address and temporary password from TrustSpot, and than you'll be able to login :) 

4. How do I add Trust Elements to my site? 

We have a special setup guide just for Shopify users to easily add all of our Trust Elements to your site, whether they be in the Footer, Header or on a specific page. View here: Shopify Integration Guide for TrustSpot

If you have any trouble just email us at, and we normally respond very fast :)  We're passionate about providing awesome & fast customer service. 

5. Can I import in my existing reviews from X site? 

Absolutely! Once you're logged into TrustSpot, simply click on Reviews > Import Existing Reviews, and insert in the name of the site + link to your reviews, and our team will get everything added within 24 hours (free of charge). 

6. Are there any setup fees or anything like that? 

Nope, we don't believe in charging any other fees for our merchants. Simply sign up for Free and enjoy for life! When you're ready to take your shop to the next level, we offer a few premium options for larger order volume stores and more features to increase your trust, sales, and customer loyalty starting at $29 per month :)  View our Pricing